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Myrsol Metilsol Atringent Aftershave Splash

Myrsol Metilsol Atringent Aftershave Splash

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Myrsol Metilsol Astringent Aftershave has a pleasant herbal scent and has extraordinary astringent qualities. The elaborate composition contains alum stone, potassium and Thymol (a natural derivative of thyme which acts as a natural disinfectant). Metilsol repairs small cuts and irritation effectively turning a bad shave into a good shave. 180ml glass bottle Product of Spain


SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: Due to this product's alcohol content, it cannot be shipped outside of the United States. If you are an international customer, this item will be refunded and will not be shipped. I am sorry for any inconvenience

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Customer Reviews

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John Vitz
Amazing products

All Myrsol aftershaves are incredible IMO But this is one of my favorites. Nothing heals my skin and nothing leaves it as smooth. Also I love the presentation. These bottles are easy to hold and extremely handsome. I love the way they display in my den.

Dino Copetas
Terrific Healing Aftershave

First off let me say that this Aftershave is one I always reach for after any rough shave (we all have them from time to time). It is very high in Alcohol from what I can tell (and feel) and stings like Hell. However these ingredients make it very healing. It closes up the pores as well as any small nicks, wipes out any skin irritation, and leaves the skin quite soothed and smooth. It is quite Medicinal with strong Herbal notes of Rosemary (stronger than Myrsol's Aqua Balsamica). The scent however is very fleeting and does not interfere with any Cologne choice. This may not be everyone's cup of tea but if one can tolerate the high Alcohol, don't mind the sting of Alum, and like the cool freeze of Menthol this one is nice to have in the rotation for its healing qualities.

Robert O
Very good aftershave.

I like Myrsol products. Consistent quality and Metilsol is an excellent astringent aftershave. Fragrance is herbal and not at all sweet. Fragrance is short lived. Feels good on your face. I recommend Metilsol.

Outstanding Myrsol quality

I'm a Myrsol fan with sensitive skin. I wanted this for my irritated neck and the simplicity and cleanness of its formula. As with all Myrsol products, it works wonderfully. The smell surprised me a little bit and was closer to the Agua Balsamica smell than the ingredients led me to believe. Whereas AB has lavender and rosemary this doesn't list those oils but has a similar fresh herbal smell. Skin care is exceptional, of course.

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