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Mergress XL Adjustable Safety Razor

Mergress XL Adjustable Safety Razor

$ 132.00

The Mergress XL is modified by Eric (Mer) Maier and is equipped with a longer and heavier machined stainless steel adjustment knob. Eric smooths out the action, calibrates the razor and adds a black adjustment dot to improve on an already fantastic shaver. The extra heft feels great in your hand.

Approximate Dimensions:

Total Length: 106mm

Handle Length (including knob): 88mm

Weight: 122g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews

So far, I like this razor. With the added length and weight I find it balanced. I like a longer handle razor and as such, the Xl is a good fit for me.

The razor adjustment is very smooth.

The head design is fairly mild, which is also to my liking.

It compares well to the Rockwell 6s/c razor, which is another that I also like.

Mergress XL

Razor & soap arrived within three days which was amazing.
I’ve been shaving for about 76 years now using everything from Gillette Red Dot, plastics & now Mergress XL. This the absolute best. Like the beautiful finish & weight. I shave two or three times a week. First a shower followed by DIY pre-shave oil & then brush & soap. Started Mergress XL at #3 only. Three nicks like my Merkur 34. Three days later, then a #4 with a #1 1/2 finish. Third try was #3 & #2. The blade is a Gillette Silver Blue. Aftershave is a DIY Witch Hazel mix & then a DIY lotion. BBS finish!
Love it!
Looking forward to doing other business with Bullgoose Shaving. I would definitely refer you to relatives & friends. Thanks.

Solid razor

I bought this razor after admiring it for awhile. I have a Merkur Progress already. The modifications look great and the functionality of the razor is remarkable. I am sure it’ll be a great razor for a lifetime.

Mergress XL

I believe this razor was a worthwhile investment. It functions as advertised. Paired with a Gillette Platinum seems best for me. I look forward to my daily shave time with this razor. BGoose processed, packaged and shipped professionally and quickly!

Mergress Shaver XL

Got a great shave from this razor. Very smooth. No nicks. Am new to wet shaving but this shavers is very easy to use. Love it, especially the adjustment feature. Make sure you put the head on in the correct position to make it work properly. 5 stars

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