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Heinrich L. Thater 4125 Ivory Shaving Brush with Bulb Knot in Two-Band Super

Heinrich L. Thater 4125 Ivory Shaving Brush with Bulb Knot in Two-Band Super

$ 155.00

The Heinrich L. Thater Shaving Brush company has been making shaving brushes by hand since 1913 and are considered among the best brushes that you can buy. Their two band super badger brushes combine a strong back bone with velvety soft tips yielding a scrubby brush without being scritchy. They work well with both hard soaps and soft creams. The 4125 model has an octagonal resin handle that is very ergonomic. It comes in 4 sizes.

  • Size 1 -24mm Knot diameter, 52mm Loft, 98mm Overall Height
  • Size 2 -26mm Knot Diameter, 55mm Loft, 100mm Overall Height
  • Size 3 -28mm Knot Diameter, 55mm Loft, 105mm Overall Height
  • Size 4 -30mm Knot Diameter, 58mm Loft, 116 Overall Height

Product of Germany

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
William Edgeworth
The best .

shaving brush I've used in 50 years.

Chris Morgan
Heaven sent

I heard Thater made good brushes... they don’t, they make great brushes.
The 30mm No.4 is everything you want from a large brush. Soft with very little ‘breaking in‘ and a great backbone. Fits great in the hand, loads superbly and creates an amazing lather. It’s worth the money and you won’t regret buying this lovely brush. I can’t recommend it highly enough. 10/10


A high quality brush....excellent backbone, just a touch of scritch, great handle....highly recommended and well worth the investment.

Charlie J
Firmly in rotation

I like big brushes, and have been on a quest for the proverbial "wall of badger" for some time now.

I've used the ivory Thater 4125/3 2 band bulb every other shave since it arrived. The first four shaves with this brush initially had me feeling like this may have been an Emperor's New Clothes purchase. I mean, every thing I'd ever heard or read anyone ever say about Thaters was "soft, soft, soft." Not this one, not at first... The knot was somewhat scritchy at the very apex of the bulb. But then shave five, and the knot was all of a sudden, most definitely, noticeably softer. This evening I used it for the seventh time, and the scritch is gone. It is now quite soft and supple feeling. It is mildly scrubby, which I like. It is a brush I can see myself reaching for over and over again. It's absolutely remaining in rotation with some very nice Simpson, Shavemac, Epsilon and Semogue badger brushes.

Although it's totally different (ain't variety grand?) from an SOC, Chubby 2/3 or 59, the handle is quite pleasantly ergonomic. It feels good in my average size hand. Flow through is outstanding. Density is good, but it is not as dense as a Chubby or Epsilon. Despite this characteristic, backbone is quite sufficient.

Oh, and get this... not a single hair's been shed!

Phil was right. I am very satisfied with the Thater 28 mm 2 band bulb. It is an excellent brush. Thanks for the recommendation, BG!

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