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Heinrich L. Thater 4125 Ebony Brush with Fan Knot in 3-Band Super

Heinrich L. Thater 4125 Ebony Brush with Fan Knot in 3-Band Super

$ 119.99

Heinrich L. Thater Shaving brushes are hand made in Germany to exacting standards. Their three band super badger brushes are known for having a velvety soft face feel and superior flow through. They work well with both hard soaps and soft creams and have moderate backbone.The 4125 model has an octagonal resin handle that is very ergonomic. It comes in 4 sizes.

  • Size 1 -24mm Knot diameter, 52mm Loft,
  • Size 2 -26mm Knot Diameter, 54mm Loft, 102mm Overall Height
  • Size 3 -28mm Knot Diameter, 56mm Loft, 106mm Overall Height
  • Size 4 -30mm Knot Diameter, 58mm Loft, 116 Overall Height

Product of Germany

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Charlie J
Wonderful brush!

I bought the 26mm version of the 3 band. It really is outstanding! My only previous Thater frame of reference is the 28mm 4125 2 band bulb. The handle of the 26 is a wee bit smaller than the 28, but that’s to be expected. The 3 band knot is superlative in all regards. It could be any shaver’s Goldilocks brush! Get off the fence and buy this brush =D

Peter Lourie
Great silvertip brush

Wonderful brush -soft and lathers remarkably well

Andrij Balan
Best Silvertip Brush Hands Down

I got the 30mm and its just AMAZING!!! If you love fan silvertips brushes- this is IT. period. the best money can buy- you feel like a king!

Softness all the way

I am a big fan of thäter knots in general and I was very happy to find that Bullgoose has this special brush model in his listing.
This one has a little less backbone than his brother in two band, but it also has softer tips. The face feel of this brush is very, very smooth and provide a unique experience.
It is no backbone champ, somehow similar to Kent BK brushes, but I personally prefer the Thäter over the latter without any doubts... because it is truly silky soft. No scritch whatsoever.
Also, the hairs started to curl after few shaves which is alway a good sign in my book.

If you are looking for a true pillowy, silky, soft experience... this Thäter three band will please you like it did with me.

Phil provided an excellent service and a lighting fast delivery which is always very appreciated !

Best 30mm 3 band

Based on all variations and personal preference brushes can be a tough shaving tool to choose.
I've been through many that I no longer own. Thater brushes are my sweet spot. The 4125 handle is comfortable and durable.
The two band hair is a bit stiffer when compared to similar sizes in three and. I have a 4125\5 in two band, and the \4 3 band I ordered has less backbone. It loads crimes and soft soaps easily, hard soaps load a little slower but there are no issues. The knot is thick and full, not overstuffed. The tips are pillow soft with no scritch. I'm happy with the brush, partially because it's different from my two band, and mostly because it's a quality product. For such a large brush made by a premier manufacturer I think it one of the best anyone could expect in this price, performance, size range.

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