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Heinrich L. Thater 4125 Ebony Brush with Bulb Knot in 3-Band Super

Heinrich L. Thater 4125 Ebony Brush with Bulb Knot in 3-Band Super

$ 124.99

Heinrich L. Thater Shaving brushes are hand made in Germany to exacting standards. Their three band super badger brushes are known for having a velvety soft face feel and superior flow through. They work well with both hard soaps and soft creams and have moderate backbone.The 4125 model has an octagonal resin handle that is very ergonomic. It comes in 4 sizes.

  • Size 1 -24mm Knot diameter, 52mm Loft,
  • Size 2 -26mm Knot Diameter, 54mm Loft, 102mm Overall Height
  • Size 3 -28mm Knot Diameter, 56mm Loft, 106mm Overall Height
  • Size 4 -30mm Knot Diameter, 58mm Loft, 116 Overall Height

Product of Germany

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Item shipped as expected and on time.
Dense, softest of all my brushes. Lathers like a champ.
Doesn’t hog lather like a Chubby.
Absolutely satisfied with purchase.

I like it better than the Chubby

The title sums it up. Its 30mm knot may not technically be as dense but it feels softer and has less flop. I have more control with this bulb knot than I do with the Simpson’s. I also find the handle more comfortable. The bottom line is that I enjoy this brush.

Craig Adams
Thater 4125/1

Absolute top quality brush. Lost my first one in a moving accident and had to repurchase. This brush will handle everything you throw at it. 10/10

Best 30mm silvertip for the price!

For the price of this silvertip Thater brush here at Bullgoose, this brush is an absolute steal. I got size 4 and am very happy with this brush. You just can’t beat this price for such a high quality brush. Thank you Phil!

Nick P.
H.L. Thater 4125 size 2, 3 Band Super

I love Thater brushes. I own a Kent BLK8, nice but too floppy, the Simpson Chubby 2 is too stiff for me. The Thater in my opinion hits the sweet spot between Kent and Simpson brushes. Good backbone, but not too stiff, with very, very soft tips. Added bonus is that BULL GOOSE sells this model for $25 cheaper than other online retailers.

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