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Heinrich L. Thater 4125 Black Shaving Brush with Fan Knot in Two-Band Super

Heinrich L. Thater 4125 Black Shaving Brush with Fan Knot in Two-Band Super

$ 155.00

The Heinrich L. Thater Shaving Brush company has been making shaving brushes by hand since 1913 and are considered among the best brushes that you can buy. Their two band super badger brushes combine a strong back bone with velvety soft tips yielding a scrubby brush without being scritchy. They work well with both hard soaps and soft creams. The 4125 model has an octagonal resin handle that is very ergonomic. It comes in 4 sizes.

  • Size 1 -24mm Knot diameter, 52mm Loft, 98mm Overall Height
  • Size 2 -26mm Knot Diameter, 55mm Loft, 100mm Overall Height
  • Size 3 -28mm Knot Diameter, 55mm Loft, 105mm Overall Height
  • Size 4 -30mm Knot Diameter, 58mm Loft, 116 Overall Height

Product of Germany

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Don Dillashaw
Size 2 / 26mm / I Wanted to love, but just shy of perfection

Wow... I was so excited to receive this brush... but it the hand it just doesn't quite live up to the expectation. Don't get me wrong, the brush is almost perfect in every way. Handle construction and finish, badger hair knot, it is visually stunning. But alas compared to some equally priced brushes (Paladin, Chubby 2), and even less expensive (brushes with Maggard SHD knots, Maseto 2-Band) the knot is a but floppy and less dense than I would like. I think it would take both more hair in the knot as well as a slightly lower loft to make it more to my liking. For know I'm just admiring it but not using it... maybe I'll gift it or re-sell it then come back for the Size 3 as it is a bigger knot at the same loft... And that's my advise to potential buyers... add that extra $35 for the bigger knot.

Outstanding Brush

I've had my new Thater 26mm two band for over two weeks now and can scarcely bring myself to use any other. It is a superb brush in every way. And dealing with BullGoose is always a satisfying experience.

Bill D.
Perfect Brush

All but two of my brushes in my collection are silver tip, 2 band and fan shape. That is all I choose to use. I used my new Thater 4125 today and this is my opinion. Quality is excellent, typical German craftsmanship. The handle looks perfect especially for an octagonal shape. Highly polished black resin with a silver medallion in the base. The knot, is impeccable. I have seen some brushes where the knot was not even, as if it was shaped using a dull knife, not this brush. I went back to bowl lathering and this brush made a great lather, of course I used a quality soap. The feel was exceptional, it felt like I was rubbing cotton on my face. While soft, it still had sufficient backbone to cover my face in lather. I was skeptical about buying one at first because I thought the handle hight (loft) was too short. That is no longer an issue as it feels great in my hand. This is a perfect brush in all aspects and am glad I purchased it.

Ron Woodell
Great Brush

A solid performer to add to my collection. I've used it everyday for the past two weeks. It arrived, "at light speed". Could not ask for better/faster service.
The brush arrived with one little loose hair in the head.......and that has been the only one. I'm particular about loose hairs, having another very expensive brush that
sheds ......., worse than a Siberian Husky in Miami ! Not here, NO SHEDDING, NO ODOR. All the quality you expect and deserve from a THATER brush.

Great BUT

Great brush of course, but the stamped logo on the one I received is way off center. I'll keep and enjoy it, but this should not have passed through quality control at either Thäter or Bullgoose.

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