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H.L. Thater Two Band Badger -Blue Speck 82 Style (Rounded Knot)

H.L. Thater Two Band Badger -Blue Speck 82 Style (Rounded Knot)

$ 180.00

H.L. Thater's 4670/5 two band silvertip badger brush is a new offering for 2019. . The knot is comprised of high grade Thater Two band silvertip badger hair and, it is formed into a new knot shape -something Thater refers to as fan rounded that will provide great backbone, excellent flow through and super soft tips.

Approximate Dimensions:

Knot Diameter: 26mm

Knot Loft: 52mm

Total Height: 110mm

Hair: Two Band Silvertip Badger

Knot Shape: Fan Rounded

Model Number: 4670/5

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Customer Reviews

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Premium Quality Shaving Brush

I have been a wet shaver for many years, and have used a variety of brushes during that time - boar, badger, mixed (boar/badger), and horse hair. I have mostly used Vie Long, Semogue, Shavemac, and Omega brands. Still looking for a better brush, I contacted Phil and after talking with him he recommended this brush. I decided to bite the bullet and buy it. Not sorry I did. The brush and handle combined is a work of art, but besides that it whips up a remarkable lather in any kind of soap. The backbone is fantastic. The flow through is just right, and it feels soft on my face. A good painter too. In short, the best brush I have ever owned. Thanks Phil!


This is the best brush I have ever used. It has perfect balance, fits your hand easily, lathers soaps, creams with a few effortless rotations of the brush and feels like a spa treatment on your face - fabulous feel! Love the shape of the handle and resin color. Would love to see this same bristle brush with a purple or reddish color handle. This is by far my favorite go to brush with the others pushed to the back of my shaving cabinet.

Best Brush Ever

It is really a perfect brush and worth the money. Since I bought this brush, I stopped using the others.

Highly recommended!

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