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H.L. Thater Ivory Hive -Two Band Badger (Bulb)

H.L. Thater Ivory Hive -Two Band Badger (Bulb)

$ 165.00

The Thater Butterscotch beehive has been so popular that we decided to commission the beehive in ivory as well. The brush utilizes Thater's highly acclaimed two band badger hair in a very ergonomic ivory resin beehive handle. This brush combines soft tips, moderate backbone and superior flow through....especially once the brush breaks in. It is suitable for both hard soaps and soft creams and is great for both face lathering and bowl lathering.

Approximate Brush Dimensions:

Knot Diameter: 26mm

Knot Loft: 55mm (+/- 1.5mm)

Handle Height: 50mm

Hair: H.L. Thater Two Band Badger

Knot Shape: Bulb

Product of Germany

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love it

What a great brush. I have been using it a couple weeks now and it's my favorite so far.

I am a face and bowl latherer and this one works great for both. Soft face feel and dense hairs.
The handle is a pleasure to hold and I sure hope I don't drop this one on the floor and crack it.

Terry M
Thater Two Band Beehive

Beautiful knot and wonderful handle. This 2 band Thater is much softer than many of my other 2 band badgers. They are all great with different qualities, but this brush from Thater is a definite standout. Plenty of backbone but not too stiff, super soft tips on the face, lathers like a champ and just feels of quality. Wish I'd got one of these sooner, I'd been eyeing them on Phil's site for a long time and finally decided to purchase. Glad I did as it's one of my favorite brushes. The Beehive handle in Ivory is just fantastic, perfectly suited for either face or bowl lathering and feels exquisite in the hand. Very happy with this buy, and of course doing business with BullGoose is a pleasure. Thanks Phil.

Nick P.
Thater 2-Band Beehive

The Thater 2-band is the best brush IMHO. I have spent way too much money on brushes including: Kent, Simpson, Shavemac, Art of Shaving, Muhle etc. I will soon start selling most of them, but I will definitely keep all 6 of my Thater brushes. This particular model is the perfect size for lathering directly from most soap bowls/containers. A few swirls on a puck of soap and this brush is full of lather. Backbone is somewhere between Simpson 2-band (too stiff for me) and Kent (way to floppy for me). Thater 2 band hits the sweet spot.

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