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H.L. Thater Fünf -in Two Band Badger (Bulb)

H.L. Thater Fünf -in Two Band Badger (Bulb)

$ 165.00

The Shave Nook commissioned a limited edition shaving brush from Heinrich L. Thater to commemorate their fifth anniversary. The brush utilizes Thater's highly acclaimed two band badger hair in a very ergonomic butterscotch beehive handle. This brush combines soft tips, moderate backbone and superior flow through....especially once the brush breaks in. It is suitable for both hard soaps and soft creams and is great for both face lathering and bowl lathering.

Approximate Brush Dimensions:

Knot Diameter: 26mm

Knot Loft: 55mm (+/- 1.5mm)

Handle Height: 50mm

Hair: H.L. Thater Two Band Badger

Knot Shape: Bulb

Product of Germany

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Fun shaving brush . . .

I prefer the “bulb” shape brush to the “fan” shape. This Thäter brush is excellent with both shaving creams as well as shaving soaps. And, I like the golden “beehive” handle a lot!

Top end badger brush

An absolutely magnificent brush. This brush is a great size, has excellent backbone, has an excellent ergonomic handle, and looks great overall. It is easily my favorite badger brush. It compares in quality to the Simpsons chubby in my opinion, but it is not as dense. If you are looking for a little less dense (in a good way), high quality badger brush, this is the choice for you. I love it.

Earl DeHart
Outstanding Brush

This was my first Thater brush and I must say I'm very impressed. I've used a variety of brushes including Simpson Chubby Best and Super but I like this one better. It has an excellent feel for face lathering and the flow through is phenomenal. I've already bought two more Thater brushes since this one in two weeks. I would say that speaks for itself. Nobody gets your new shaving gear to your door any faster than Bullgoose. Thanks Phil!

Great brush

Comfortable handle that looks great, and a beautiful bulb knot that was soft out of the box. It's well balanced across all metrics and I think can very easily be a daily driver / workhorse brush for most.
I feel I should also mention that service from Bullgoose was exceptional.

Thomas Starr
Thater Fünf - TSN 5th Anniversary Brush

Love this brush in every way. Incredibly soft and pliable yet more than sufficient backbone. Zero shedding. Aesthetics are fantastic too.

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