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Feather Artist Club Professional Super Blades

Feather Artist Club Professional Super Blades

$ 23.50

The "Professional Super" blades are designed for those with a heavy or coarse beard or for those who desire a more aggressive shave. Blade performance is equal to that of a 6/8 or 7/8 size traditional straight razor - A bit more aggressive to meet the demands of a tougher beard. In addition to a greater blade thickness the blade is also a bit wider allowing greater edge exposure. Blades are packed in their own injector-style dispenser for fast, easy, and safe blade installation and convenient storage. The Feather AC blades fit the Feather AC straight-style razors. Specifications: 50mm (length) x 8.2mm (height) 0.31 mm thick 1.45 mm blade exposure Made from Japanese stainless steel Platinum alloy and resin Made in Japan

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Customer Reviews

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Larry Parkhurst
The Best Blade of em all!

I use these blades for my Feather DX straight razor, and they are by far the sharpest and smoothest that I’ve ever used. Compared to the Schick Proline blades which I also use and are one gem of a blade also... these Super Feathers are a notch above them as well! I highly recommend trying these Super blades, you’ll be glad you did!

Ronald Mills

These are extremely sharp blades and I found they are just too aggressive for my beard. They cause irritation and some nicks. Feather Pro work perfectly for me and that's the blade I've settled on.

Mark Booth
Sweet Spot - Super sharp but no pull!!!

The Feather Super Pro is as close as it gets to the feel of a well honed straight blade as you'll ever get in my opinion. I have been a straight blade user and proficient whetstone honing amateur for several years and know when the bevel and sharpness is right, and that sweet spot of smoothness is obtained.

I have used every blade out there and this is the crème de la crème - just a little thicker blade and more blade exposure than the Feather Pro. Treat yourself to a "real blade"!

Great blades

This are some great blades. I'm using them in my alumigoose 2 and they give me a DFS for a two pass shave. I find them slightly aggressive and work very well with this razor.

Donald Lay
Feather Super Pro----SIMPLY SUPER

Purchased these blades to use with my Mongoose and they are absolutely the best.....I know a lot has been written about these blades being super aggressive....dangerously sharp, etc.....forget what you read,,,,,these blades are smooth, sharp and get the job done...PERIOD.....just remember, if you buy these blades....LET THE BLADE DO ITS JOB AND USE MINIMAL PRESSURE WHEN YOU SHAVE.....all will be good!!!!

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