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Alpha Evergoose with 4th Generation Synthetic Knot

Alpha Evergoose with 4th Generation Synthetic Knot

$ 49.00 $ 70.00

The Alpha Evergoose is a BullGoose exclusive and, it is a collaboration between Alpha Brush & Shaving and BullGoose Shaving supplies. The EverGoose takes some design hints from the Ever-Ready 200* and 300 brushes however, it is remade in modern materials and is fitted with a superb 4th generation synthetic knot with a knot diameter of 26mm. The EverGoose is machined from aluminium and is anodised in a delightful two-tone red and black to echo the Ever-Ready original. However, The EverGoose raises the bar - it is hard wearing and anodised in two delightful colors. It benefits from a very grippy matte black sand blasted base and a lively satin red top and incorporates a superb looking BullGoose brand coin on its base. The EverGoose has 5 sweet little steps echoing the designs of yesteryear. All in all it is LIKE the Ever-Ready 200 but it most certainly is NOT a clone. 

Vital statistics:

  • Materials: Aluminium, Synthetic G4 silver tip fibre knot
  • Height including knot: 112mm
  • Handle Height: 58mm
  • Width at widest point: 36.5mm
  • Weight: 107g
*Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. This version is NOT to be confused with Ever-Ready; BullGoose Shaving Supplies has no affiliation with Ever-Ready.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Charlie J
Pleasantly surprised with the knot’s performance

The aluminum handle of the Evergoose brush is unique in my den; including the design, color and composition. It’s ergonomically satisfying to hold, feels balanced, and is substantial. I use it for face lathering. IMO, this is where the Evergoose really shines. Unlike other synthetic knots, this G4 knot feels very badger-like. It’s most interesting feature is the lack of lather splatter that’s common to synthetic knots. I don’t know how they did that, but it’s really quite remarkable. I’m glad to have added the Evergoose to my den, and comfortably recommend it. A top notch product sold by a top notch vendor. Well done, Gentlemen!

David F
Great brush

Simply beautiful

Blown away by the handle

So I'm not going to include a picture of this because I'm sure you've seen pictures of the handle all over the website. However holding it in the hand I have a much better appreciation for the weight and build quality as well as color. I bought this brush for my dad because he appreciates synthetic knots much more than I do and he really loves it after using it this evening so I have to rate it according to his score of 5 stars.

Philip Morris

Took a while to ship to the UK but worth the wait. This brush is outstanding. So soft and dense with great backbone. Whips up a wonderful lather.

Norman J. Kreisman
My New Favorite Brush

I own about a dozen synthetic brushes and about another two dozen badgers and boars and this is my new favorite brush. The handle is heavy and well balanced. The black metal almost feels like hard rubber as it has a very good grip and is very comfortable. I like the anodized aluminium and set in coin too. The synthetic hairs are soft yet firm and feel great as a face latherer. The whole deal feels very stout and feel like it could last a life time of shaving.

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