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TSN 10th Anniversary Shaving Brush Pre-Order

Phil Huntsinger

Ten Years ago, Teiste Brito and I launched the Shave Nook shaving forum. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the forum, we have commissioned Bob Quinn of Elite Razors to make a limited edition shaving brush.

The brush is only available via pre-order and will be limited to a maximum of 50 brushes total. The brushes will be outfitted with two band Manchurian White badger knots and will be available in your choice of either a fan or a bulb knot. The approximate dimensions of the knot are 26mm in diameter with a loft of approximately 52mm.

The 58mm handles are hand turned from a hand poured two tone resin. Because the handles are hand turned, there will be slight variations from handle to handle. Each handle will be engraved and back filled with black enamel. These brushes will sell for $215.00 each with a $50 deposit required to secure a brush.

How to submit a request to purchase a 2022 TSN LE Shaving Brush

1. Send an email addressed to with 2022 TSN LE in the subject header.  
2. Be sure to send your email from an account to which Bob Quinn can forward the Paypal invoicing.
3. State how many brushes you wish to buy in total as well as your preferred knot shape (Fan or Bulb).
4. Confirm that you have a US address or a forwarder with a US address to which Elite Razors can ship.

Brush ordering process:

Elite Razors will accept pre-orders through Thursday, March 17th (Happy St. Patrick’s Day) or until a total of 50 brushes have been ordered.  At this point, Elite Razors can begin the production process of pouring the blanks. 


Once your pre-order is received, Elite Razors will send an invoice for the $50 pre-payment.  In order to maintain accurate counts, the pre-payment invoice must be settled within 48 hours.

Once your brush is made and ready to ship, Elite Razors will send you an invoice (via email) for the balance due (including shipping and insurance charges), payment of which will complete your purchase. Please only place an order if you are certain you’ll be able to pay for it.

Production Process:

1. Production starts with pouring the Maroon and Ivory blanks.  Once they are cured, the blanks will be cut, trimmed and segmented together.  The handles can then be individually turned, buffed and polished to shape.  Once all the handles have been built, they will be sent out for engraving.   After which, the engraving will all be hand-filled will black enamel.  At this point, the knots will be set and the final invoice for $165 pre brush will be sent to complete the purchase.  Upon payment, the brush will be shipped.
Sounds pretty simple, right?  

Remember, Elite Razors will be building each of these brushes individually, as well as completing the finishing of the engraving.  Elite Razors will need 8-10 weeks from the close of ordering to complete the entire project.  

Honor System:

In order to maintain fairness to all, please do not submit a request for a brush(es) unless you are certain of your willingness and ability to purchase it in accordance with the instructions and process described above.


These brushes will be made to order. No returns will be accepted except in cases of material defect in materials or workmanship.

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