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Titanium Barbaros TR2 Coming April 1st

Phil Huntsinger

The Titanium Barbaros TR-2 Safety razor is scheduled for release at 7 AM (Pacific Time) on Friday, April 1st. Hasan at Barbaros has outdone himself again. He has improved on his iconic TR-2 Safety Razor by machining it out of Titanium and reducing the weight by 55g. The Titanium version of the TR-2 razor feels great in the hand and delivers an extra smooth shave.
The TR-2 is mild enough to use every day yet efficient enough to deliver an outstanding shave. The 85mm handle with the twist pattern is stunning and offers sufficient grip even with soapy hands. Machined in extremely small batches in Turkey, these razors are sure to be collectible. 


List Price: $320.00

Handle Length: 85mm

Handle Diameter: 14mm

Razor Weight: 68g

Material: Titanium

Product of Turkey

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