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The Zeppelin Razor -Coming Soon to BullGoose

Phil Huntsinger

The Zeppelin razor was designed by Fernando of Vie-Long and manufactured by Seygus razors in Spain. I have had the pleasure of using the prototype for the past week and will be the North American stockist for the razor once they become available. The razor will be available in stainless steel as well as in Titanium. 

The prototype razor is machined from 316L stainless steel. As you can see from the below pictures, the cap has sort of an inverse smile. This helps to keep the blade rigid and to make sure that there is absolutely no blade chatter. You will also notice that one side of the head has a flat solid bar while the other side side has a ridged solid bar. The side with the flat solid bar is slightly milder than the side with the ridged solid bar -very much like the old Plus/Minus vintage razor. There will actually be three base plates available -each with two levels of aggression. The razor that I tested had the middle of the three base plates (dubbed the 05/07) and, I found it to be similar in aggression to the Rocnel Elite A. The ridged side was slightly more aggressive than the Rocnel Elite A while the flat side was slightly less aggressive than the Rocnel Elite A.

I generally used the more aggressive side for the first pass and then used the less aggressive side for against the grain and touch-up. The result was a very smooth and irritation free shave every time.

The handle on the prototype did not have knurling and, I had to be slightly mindful when using it with soapy hands. As long as my fingers were in contact with the indentations, I did not have any issues.  The production version of the razor will have knurling on the handle. 

Weighing in at 118g and with a handle length of 90mm, the razor was well balanced and nimble. This razor definitely should be on your radar


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