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The Shave Soap Bowl To Survive The Apocalypse

Phil Huntsinger

Most shave soap tins will dent if you look at them funny or give them the hairy eyeball. Heaven help you if you bang your razor on it or gasp...drop it. The consequences can be even worse if you have a ceramic bowl rather than a shards of ceramic are not a pleasant thing to have in the bathroom. You can always go with a wooden bowl but, wood and water do not make for a great long-term relationship. Plastic? Fugly! And don't forget the whales and sea turtles.

The BullGoose Bowl is different! It is machined out of aircraft grade aluminum and then hard anodized to make it virtually indestructible. It is very elegant looking yet built like a tank. It is both the Yin and the Yang. The Big Kahuna. 

The BullGoose Bowl is made specifically to fit Asylum Colonia and Asylum Flying Mango shaving soaps but it will also fit several other soaps such as Vintage Art of Shaving Soaps and Saponificio Varesino Cosmo Shaving soap among others. It is also the perfect container for soft soaps such as Boellis Panama, Cella or P160. 



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