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The Seygus Zeppelin -An Heirloom Quality Razor

Phil Huntsinger

We received a new shipment of Seygus Zeppelin razors last week and we should have a razor to fit everybody's needs. These well engineered razors are extremely smooth shavers -partly due to the inverse smile of the blade.  This feature increases the tension and grip of the razor blade which eliminates blade chatter and provides an extremely effective and smooth shave.

The razor is available in your choice of Titanium or 316L Stainless steel and, it is available in three different head configurations.  In addition to a mild head (similar in aggression to a Merkur 34C) and a more aggressive head (Similar to a Rocnel Elite A), there is also a head which is mild on one side and more aggressive on the other (Dual Personality). The Dual personality razor is perfect for those who like to use a milder razor for against the grain passes and touch-ups. Its like having two razors in one.

These razors are heirloom quality. Not only will you be able to pass it onto your son or daughter, your son or daughter will also be able to pass it onto their children. Its well worth the cost of admission.

Below, Teiste Brito, a well known Spanish shaver gives his impression of the razor. 


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