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The Perfect Entry Level Shavette (Replaceable Blade Straight) -The Full Blade Pereira

Phil Huntsinger Entry Level Shavette Entry Level Straight Razor Full DE Blade Shavette Pereira Shavery Shavette

We frequently receive calls and emails from customers who are curious about straight razor shaving and want to give it a try. We always caution them that before they try an actual straight razor, they should first try a replaceable blade straight razor (Shavette) to see if it is something that they want to explore further.

The rationale behind starting with a replaceable blade straight razor is that it eliminates the need for strops, honing, pastes and all of the maintenance and expense associated with straight razor shaving.  If they end up liking the Shavette, they can then pursue the traditional straight razor.

Up until recently, the choices for a shavette were pretty much limited to those that take an Artist Club style blade (Kai, Feather, Dorco) and those that take half of a DE blade (numerous makers). The Feather Artist Club style shavettes and the Kai Professional razors are excellent razors but, they start at around $120.00 and may be too pricey for those just getting into the hobby.

The razors that take a half DE blade tend to be cheap feeling and there is the issue of the blades. You either have to use of of the few blades that come as a half blade (e.g. Derby, Shark) or you have to risk slicing your thumb open by breaking a blade yourself.

Enter the Pereira Shavery Single Finger Ring Shavette. The Pereira razor is the perfect entry level shavette. It is priced at only $20, is very solid feeling and, it takes a full DE blade. This not only saves you the risk of needing stitches in your thumb, it also opens you up to the possibility of using higher end DE blades such as Feather, Kai and Polsilver Super Iridium.

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