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The Asylum Evolution DE Razor -Getting Closer

Phil Huntsinger Asylum Evolution Razor Darwin Deluxe Razor Darwin Standard Razor

About four years ago I developed an infatuation with the Darwin razor. Every time I tried to buy one on Ebay, the final price was always through the stratosphere and more than I was willing to pay. The razor had not been made since the 1930's so, it was understandable that demand outstripped supply.

In February of 2016, I finally landed the white whale and was blown away with how well it shaved and with how well it was made. I decided to have my machine shop make a tribute razor so that others could have the same shaving experience.  The idea for the Asylum Evolution razor was born.

The original Darwin razor was made out of Cobalt Steel in Sheffield England. The Asylum Evolution will be fully machined out of 303 Stainless steel in the United States. The machine shop has made excellent progress and the handles were run this week. I should have a stainless steel prototype in a few weeks and the razors will be ready for sale by the Spring.

Here is a picture of the Darwin Razor.


Here is a picture of the original Darwin razor next to the jig holding the top cap and base plate of the Asylum Evolution

This picture shows the Asylum Evolution handle in a satin finish.

We still have not determined an exact retail price but, they should sell somewhere in the neighborhood of $185.00. If you are interested in seeing further developments of this razor as well as other Asylum Shave Works projects, you can sign up for the Asylum Shave Works Facebook page.

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