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The Asylum Evolution DE Razor -Coming Spring of 2017

Phil Huntsinger Asylum Evolution Razor Darwin Standard Razor

I have been wrestling with whether or not to announce the new Asylum project but figure...what the heck. We will be releasing a double edge razor that is a tribute to the vintage Darwin Standard razor. We are shooting for early March but, you know how that goes.

The DE razor will be called the Asylum Evolution razor and it will be machined from 303 Stainless Steel. Due to the idiosyncratic design of the razor, it will not accept other handles. Here are a few pictures of the CAD models.

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  • Richard Wood on

    I hope that you offer it in polished finish like the original. Also please do a version of the handle that will fit standard razors, with a 5mm female thread. The Wolfman handle version is outrageous on ebay. Actually as a hobbyist machinist it looks to me like the design could have been modified to use standard handles, though less faithful to the original design. I want it.

  • Bullgoose on

    @Rod -I do not have a wait list for the Evolution. Subscribing to the Newsletter and joining the Asylum Facebook Group is the best way to receive release notifications.

    @Don -Thank you!


    Looking forward to the Asylum Evolution / Darwin.
    It looks awesome and like all your products, I’m sure it will be a quality piece.

  • Rod Cortez on

    Is there a waiting list? im already subscribed to the newsletter. I just purchased the Asylum RX and it’s In my rotation now.

  • Bullgoose on

    @ Warren Silverman -It should be somewhere in the neighborhood of $185.00. I still do not know my final cost so it is to early too give more than an estimate.

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