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Tatara Razors -Refined Portuguese Precision

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With the proliferation of stainless steel razors hitting the market over the past few years, Tatara razors have flown a bit under the radar. It is time that the spotlight shines directly on them because simply put, they are awesome! 

From the engineering to the machine work to the packaging, Tatara razors are impressive. Although they are machined from solid stainless steel, they do not feel like a heavy tool like the majority of stainless steel razors out there. Weighing in at a solid but very manageable 87g, the Tatara is both nimble and efficient. The end result is that you get the BBS close shave that you desire but, you achieve it without any irritation. 

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise about Tatara razors is the price. The solid bar Masamune razor retails for a mere $180.00 which is well below market value for a razor of this quality. Tatara also offers razor sets that include a solid bar razor, an extra open comb base plate and an inkwell stand. 

For those open comb razor aficionados, we are expecting a batch in another week or two. The Tatara Open comb is a bit more aggressive than the solid bar but, it is still very smooth. I like to use it if I have skipped a day between shaves as it cuts through my whiskers like a hot knife through butter. 



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