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BullGoose Shaving Blog — Bronze Knob Mergress

The Bronze Knob Mergress -Coming Soon

Phil Huntsinger Bronze Knob Mergress Bronze Mergress

The Bronze Knob Mergress -Coming Soon

The Mergress adjustable razor has been an icon on the wet shaving forums since 2006 and a BullGoose Exclusive since May of 2016. It continues to be a very popular razor with excellent reviews. Eric (Mer) Maier is about to release a new version of the razor that utilizes a fully machined polished bronze knob rather than the stainless steel adjustment knob. As with all Mergress razors, Eric (Mer) Maier takes a Merkur Progress razor and improves upon it.  He adds a machined metal adjustment knob (in this case bronze) and a blue adjustment dot while also calibrating the adjustment...

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