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BullGoose Shaving Blog — Asylum Fougere

Introducing Royal Fougere from Asylum Shave Works

Phil Huntsinger Asylum Fougere English Fern Fougere shaving soap Wild Fern

Introducing Royal Fougere from Asylum Shave Works

I have always loved the scent of Penhaligon's English Fern and Trumper Wild Fern and was sad when Penhaligons discontinued their English Fern Shaving soap. To me, this soap was as classic as they come and in an era when people aspire to "shave like their grandpa", it made no sense to me why it would be discontinued. People were still going crazy for it on the shaving forums and the old tallow version of the soap was selling for several times the original retail price. It was a real head scratcher. Soon after partnering with Lee of Wet Shaving...

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