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Something New From Mergress

Phil Huntsinger

Eric (Mer) Meier has been busy in his workshop creating three new Mergress models. The Bling adds green and blue inlaid crystals to each flute of the adjustment knob as well as a black crystal inlaid into the handle. Like all Mergress razors, it has a velvety smooth action that can be dialed in anywhere from mild to wild -whatever fits your mood. Eric has even made a special Bling razor for the ladies -called the Ms. Bling. Rather than Blue and Green crystals, the Ms. Bling utilizes pink crystals. It is perfect for leg shaving.

Finally, Eric has made a supersized Mergress called the Long-handled XL. This is perfect for those who like longer razors with a little extra heft.

These three new models are Special Editions and will only be available periodically. Grab one while you can.

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