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Rocnel & Asylum to Team Up For Revamped Rx Artist Club Razor

Phil Huntsinger

We are excited to announce that Rocnel and Asylum Shave Works are collaborating on an updated Asylum Rx Artist Club razor. The new razor will be a limited edition and, each razor will be serialized (1 to 105). The design is being modified slightly to tame the shave a bit. It will still be efficient but, there will be less blade feel and less chance of nicking yourself.

Rocnel will be manufacturing the razor utilizing 304 Stainless steel (Certified French 304 Stainless Steel for the Heads and certified Italian 304 Stainless steel for the handles). The 304 Stainless Steel is much harder than 316 or 303 stainless steel and will prove to be more scratch and ding resistant.   

We do not yet have a firm ETA but, we are aiming to have them by the fall.

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  • BullGoose on

    That is an interesting idea and something for us to play around with in the future. I will forward it to Murat.

  • Zack on

    Super excited to get my hands on the updated razor!!!

    I see the CAD drawing captioned next to the article. The recessed alignment grooves on the edges top cap; why not reverse those? That would make for less unnecessary material thickness on either side of the blade, shrinking the width of the head. Put the convex on the top cap, and the concave on the baseplate.

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