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Rockwell Razors Now at BullGoose

Phil Huntsinger

BullGoose Shaving is proud to add the Rockwell 6S Shaving System to the store.

The Rockwell 6S is a really well thought out shaving system. The razor is machined out of stainless steel in the United States and the system includes 6 possible adjustments from mild to wild. The Rockwell's manner of adjustment is a bit different than anything else on the market. It comes with 3 different base plates with each side of each base plate having a different level of aggression. Add a Rockwell 6S Stainless Steel Adjustable razor to your quiver today and you will not be sorry.

The Rockwell 6S includes the following all stainless steel components, made in the USA:
   - Handle with knurled grip
   - 3 reversible base plates providing sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
   - Plate A: Sizes 1 and 3, Plate B: Sizes 2 and 4, Plate C: Sizes 5 and 6
   - Blade cap
   - 5 Rockwell double-edge razor blades

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  • Bullgoose on

    @Windsorfox -Sounds good.

  • Windsorfox on

    Hey Phil imma get some scents to go with my Progress

  • Bullgoose on

    @ Matt -sometimes it is better to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission. haha. Thank you for your business.

  • Matt on

    Well my wife didn’t approve my purchase but that’s only because I didn’t ask her.

    A fine razor to be sure. I’ve used it for just a few days using the #4 plate and it’s very compatible with this old face.

  • Phil on

    Thank you William. I look forward to your order.

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