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Pereira Shavery -Coming Soon to BullGoose

Phil Huntsinger

I am excited to announce that BullGoose Shaving will soon stock and be the North American distributor for Pereira Shavery. These are really nice products at a great price point and with a very interesting story.

Camilo, the founder of Pereira Shavery, was born in Brazil, lived for awhile in Miami and eventually set up shop in Portugal. Somewhere along the way, Camilo became a Scottish Baron. Never idle, Camillo took an old family shaving soap recipe and had an old world soap manufacturer make it. The soap is fantastic as is the presentation.

Since launching the shaving soap, Pereira Shavery has come up with a number of other grooming products including shavettes, lather bowls, beard combs and strops. Stay tuned as I roll out the Pereira Shavery products over the next few weeks.

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