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Paradigm Secondary Market is Booming!

Phil Huntsinger

Paradigm Shave Ware burst upon the wet shaving scene a little over a year ago. They specialize in expertly machined and engineered safety razors that are decidedly different from other razors on the market. Typically, they will produce one small batch of razors every three or four months.

Demand for these razors is high and they typically sell out within a few weeks of release. That is when things get really crazy. In the past few weeks, customers have told me how they sold a previous release on Ebay for a huge profit -One customer sold his Titanium I razor for $1100 while another customer sold his Titanium II razor for $800. 

This past Tuesday, Paradigm officially released their new Titanium SE razor that takes artist club style blades. In the first 4 1/2 days, we have sold approximately 65 of the 100 razors that were allotted to us. When they are gone, there is no telling if they will ever come back. You know that you want one. Save yourself the grief of paying way over retail and pick one up today. If it does not work out for you, you can always sell it on the secondary market. While we cannot guarantee a return, it is a good bet that the razor will, at the very least, retain its value. 


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