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Paladin Seven Samurai Select Badger Brushes Coming May 20th

Phil Huntsinger

Ken Lynn of Paladin Shaving and I had talked about doing a collaboration for the past 18 months or so and as the tenth anniversary of BullGoose Shaving approached, I figured there was no time like the present. I approached Ken with the idea of a limited edition brush in January and a couple weeks later, his concept of the seven samurai was born.

Ken and Cody Lynn came up with a brush that simultaneously celebrates the 10th Anniversary of BullGoose Shaving and the 7th Anniversary of the Shave Nook Forum. The handle, which is a new design for Paladin Shaving, comes in seven different resin colors with only 10 handles made in each color. Each handle has a serial number of x/10 on the butt of the handle. 

The knots are 26mm in diameter with a loft of approximately 52.5mm and, the knots have that nice gel tip feature that so many wet shaving enthusiasts are wild about. 

The tentative plan is to make the brushes available for purchase on Monday, May 20th. Ken is personally driving them from Kansas to California and will hand deliver them to me on Sunday, May 19th baring any weather and/or mechanical delays. 

The brushes are up on the site (see here) but currently show as being out of stock. Do not panic! They simply have not yet been made available (assuming that you are reading this prior to May 20th). Mark your calendar! 

Update: All Sold Out!

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