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Introducing Royal Fougere from Asylum Shave Works

Phil Huntsinger Asylum Fougere English Fern Fougere shaving soap Wild Fern

I have always loved the scent of Penhaligon's English Fern and Trumper Wild Fern and was sad when Penhaligons discontinued their English Fern Shaving soap. To me, this soap was as classic as they come and in an era when people aspire to "shave like their grandpa", it made no sense to me why it would be discontinued. People were still going crazy for it on the shaving forums and the old tallow version of the soap was selling for several times the original retail price. It was a real head scratcher.

Soon after partnering with Lee of Wet Shaving Products, I broached the subject of creating a tallow shaving soap with a scent in the same vein as Penhaligon's English Fern and Trumper Wild Fern. This was no small task. After all, both Trumper and Penhaligon's have been making colognes and perfumes for over 100 years.

It was time to call in the professionals. There was no way that we could create a complex and nuanced fougere scent like this on our own. So...we hired professional perfumers and spared no expense on the scent.

The soap itself, like all of the Formula T soaps, is an excellent tallow and Shea butter based soap. It lathers with ease, is extremely slick, and offers cushion in abundance. The scent though is what really sets this one apart featuring musk, oak moss, basil, amber, woody notes and a whisper of patchouli. It will definitely remind you of both Wild Fern and English Fern.

Pick up a tin today. While you are at it, you may want to add a matching aftershave splash.


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  • Todd on

    Well Phil, now that you opened Pandora’s box, I did have a couple of things in mind. First would be a bathing soap. I know that one is a bit tough because they get used up MUCH faster than a shave soap and this is by its nature going to make them pricier to keep replacing. Maybe a slightly lighter dose of the scent components to keep maker and consumer costs in check?

    Also, I was thinking a custom pomade in this scent wold be absolute tops. Again, this is tricky because I have come to the conclusion that the only product harder to make perfect than an aftershave is a hair dressing. And barring that, a talcum powder? I don’t know how hard that would be to do. See? We are easy to please!

  • Bullgoose on

    @Todd -I am glad that you are pleased with the soap. I had the perfumer make plenty of juice so the soap and aftershave should be available for the foreseeable future. Are there any other products that you would like to see in this scent?

  • Todd on

    Phil, thank you for introducing this fragrance to your lineup. Like you I haven’t a clue as to why Trumper and of all houses, Penhaligon’s, does not make a better effort to keep this scent alive. It is an almost universal favourite amongst those who tend toward traditional scents and products.

    I received my my cake of this soap and an aftershave a few days ago and both more than exceed my expectations. The lathering and shave of the soap was flawless. The scent though is what stands out. This is so well blended I can only imagine how fast it will sell out once the news makes the rounds at various forums. If Trumper and Penhaligon’s are foolish enough to cede the day to Asylum Shave Works, then I am all in. Thanks again.

  • BullGoose on

    @Bill -Thank you very much for the note. I am glad that the soap reached you safely and that you are happy with it.


  • Bill on

    I just received a tin of the Royal Fougere soap and I must compliment you on the wonderful scent. Bravo! And I must add on the promptness of your shipping! I’m very pleased!

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