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Introducing H.L. Thater Premium Boar Brushes

Phil Huntsinger

Boar brushes have a reputation of being tools that do a great job of generating lather but that somehow lack soul, quality and sophistication. Heinrich Thater is set to rectify that perception with their series of premium boar brushes.

Thater has sourced some very high quality natural white boar bristle. Their master brush maker experimented with the bristle for several months before perfecting the knots that will tame your hardest to lather soaps. The individual bristles split as the brush breaks in creating a super soft face feel.

H.L. Thater has combined this excellent knot with the high quality resin handles that you know and love. They are not stopping there though. A premium banded boar brush is in the works and, there are tentative plans to add a handle style or two.

Check out the current selection here.


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