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H.L. Thater Two Band Brush Sale -Through Saturday, June 17th

Phil Huntsinger

H.L. Thater shaving brushes are among the best shaving brushes available anywhere. The knots are hand tied in Nuremberg, Germany and are valued for their extremely soft face feel and superb flow through.  As good as their standard silver tip brushes are, the two band super version of their brushes is next level. These brushes combine a cloud soft face feel and excellent flow through with good backbone at a very competitive price. They are by far the best bang for the buck out there.

Bullgoose Shaving offers a wide variety of Thater Two-Band brushes ranging in size from 24mm knots to 30mm knots in both fan and bulb shaped knots. Among the offerings are a Beehive model that is exclusive to BullGoose Shaving and that comes in both butterscotch and ivory. This brush has received excellent reviews on both its knot and the ergonomics of the handle.

Through Saturday, June 17th, you can save 10% on all Thater Two Band brushes when you use coupon code two-band at checkout.

*Please note, the coupon only applies to Thater Two Band brushes and it cannot be combined with other offers or applied retroactively.



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