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Double Release on September 10th -Sir Winston and Sir Arthur by Gentleman's Nod

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Good things come to those who wait. Although it has taken longer than anticipated due to the global Pandemic, we are almost ready to launch both Sir Winston and Sir Arthur. Both Sir Winston and Sir Arthur are BullGoose exclusives.The anticipated release date is Thursday, September 10th at 9 am Pacific Time.

Sir Winston is our take on the classic English fragrance Blenheim Bouquet. This version opens with a fresh citrus accord with lemon as the dominant player then lime. Next comes a fragrant blending of lavender and pine leading into a warm spicy base of black pepper rounded out with musk. It's a fresh, clean, simple scent that can easily be enjoyed Spring-Fall. 

Sir Arthur is a classic Fougere in the same vein as English Fern and Wild Fern. The premium scent was crafted by a perfume house in the Eastern United States (as was Sir Winston) and features musk, oak moss, basil, amber, woody notes and a whisper of pachouli. 

Both soaps will feature Gentleman's Nod Cardinal (Tallow) soap base that is revered for its slickness, post-shave feel, and lather structure. Chock full of milks, proteins and skin care ingredients, this soap is excellent in both skin care and performance.

Both soaps have matching aftershaves that are soothing, healing and toning. Gentleman's Nod added a slight cooling agent (not menthol) to the Sir Arthur aftershave for a little extra refreshment. 

The entire Gentleman's Nod collection is available Here

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