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Coming Soon -Sir Winston by Gentleman's Nod

Phil Huntsinger

Teiste Brito, an old friend and former administrator of The Shave Nook, kept pinging me to tell me how impressed he was with Gentleman's Nod soap. While talking with Teiste, he suggested that I approach Chris of Gentleman's Nod to see if he would be interested in making a limited edition soap for BullGoose Shaving. I contacted Chris the next morning and, it turns out that I have known him since 2012 or so -long before he became a soap maker.

Chris's new premium tallow soap base, called Cardinal, has been receiving excellent reviews in the wet shaving community. That was my first request -that we use Cardinal as a base for the LE soap. 

The scent of the soap is going to be really special. I have always been a huge fan of Blenheim Bouquet and was bummed when Penhaligons discontinued the shave soap and aftershave splash in this scent. I have hired a professional perfumer to create a scent for us in this vein.

Blenheim Bouquet was supposedly the preferred scent of Winston Churchill. If he were still alive, he would be more than pleased to use Sir Winston. In addition to shaving soap, Sir Winston will be available as an aftershave splash, cologne and soap utility bar. 

Keep your eyes peeled -Sir Winston should be available later this summer. 

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  • Dave on

    I am very excited, I went through the Blenheim shave cream very quickly and bought it bc it was supposed to be Churchill’s favorite. Are they still makin the cream? I will buy this soap when you release it. can we preorder?

  • BullGoose Shaving Supplies LLC on

    @ Jose -I see that you are subscribed to our newsletter. We will email you as soon as Sir Winston becomes available. Thank you for your interest.

  • José Enrique Bellver Blasco on

    Please, email me when Sir Winston, shaving soap and after shave were available.

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