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Coming Soon -Semogue TSN 2020 LE Brushes

Phil Huntsinger Limited Edition Brushes Semogue LE TSN Brushes

We have commissioned Semogue to make a pair of limited edition shaving brushes to commemorate the 9th Anniversary of the Shave Nook forum. The brushes are currently in transit to us and should arrive the week of November 23rd as long as things go smoothly with Customs.

These brushes are a fresh take on the 2018 LE brushes that Semogue made for us. The handles are ergonomically comfortable as well as visually pleasing. The high gloss heavy resin handles have a nice heft to them and are built to withstand the rigors of daily shaving.

These brushes will come with your choice of hair -Select Premium Boar or Silvertip Badger. You may very well choose to pick up one of each.

Each brush will have its own unique serial number. Only 200 brushes in total were made (100 badger and 100 boar). Of these 200 brushes, we received 100 of them while Vintage Scents received the other 100. 

In order to receive an announcement for when the brushes become available, be sure to sign up for the BullGoose Shaving Newsletter. 

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