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Coming Soon -Paradigm Titanium DE Razor

Phil Huntsinger

A brand new razor maker has just burst upon the scene. Paradigm Shave Ware, based out of New York, has designed a stunning new titanium razor.

We received a razor to test out and you can color us impressed. Weighing in at only 70g, the machining is immaculate and the tolerances are tight. It is a very efficient yet also very smooth shaver with noticeable audible feedback. In my very first use, I achieved a BBS shave with only two passes and minor touch up. This razor is a keeper.

We were so impressed with the razor that we negotiated a deal to be the exclusive dealer of these razors. We hope to have stock in about 30 days. Follow us on Instagram for updates.

Edit: The razors have arrived. Grab one while they last.

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  • Bullgoose on

    @Jason -The Paradigm is considerably more efficient than the R89 or a Gillette Superspeed. That said, it does not feel overly aggressive. The shave is very smooth. If you like a really mild razor though, this is probably not for you.

  • Jason on

    Hello Phil,

    Question regarding the Paradigm Titanium razor:

    How aggressive would you consider the Paradigm? From what I’ve read, it sounds like it’s a somewhat aggressive razor – yet also surprisingly smooth.

    I prefer a smooth razor (example: Muhle R89, Gillette Superspeed) are some of my favorites, when coupled with a moderate to sharp blade (Polsilver, Permasharp). I’m definitely interested in the Paradigm razor, but not sure if it’s a good match (ie. too aggressive). If there any blade gap specs from the manufacturer, that would be helpful. Any thoughts?



  • Ken on

    Getting outside of my price points with this one 200 to 250 is about as crazy as I get. Looks like a nice razor though good luck.

  • Bullgoose on

    @Steve -We hope to have them ready for sale sometime between April 21st and April 24th.

  • Steve Watson on

    Hi Phil, I was wondering if you have a date for the arrival of the Paradigm razor, will there be a pre notice of sale ?
    Kind Regards Steve

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