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Boellis Panama is Back in Stock

Phil Huntsinger

Boellis Panama Coffret Bowls are back in stock at BullGoose Shaving. These were impossible to get for the past year and we have been out of stock since last Christmas. Future availability is always an unknown so grab one while you can.

Boellis Panama shaving soap is very highly rated and, it is revered for its slickness. It is especially favored by straight razor shavers but makes an excellent choice for all shavers.

This limited edition ceramic coffret bowl is double fired and hand painted in Italy. Substantial in weight and size, this luxury shave bowl is truly special. Included is one 250g Panama 1924 Shave Soap. Made only of natural substances and good for all skin types, the soap is scented with pure almond.

Panama 1924 Shave Soap is a top shelf shave soap considered to be among the best in the world. This shave soap is made only of natural substances and good for all skin types. Scented with pure almond, Panama 1924 produces a luxurious lather, so a little goes a long way. This beautiful bowl would make a great gift -even if you are giving it to yourself.

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