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Best Safety Razor for New Wet Shavers

Phil Huntsinger new wet shavers safety razors for beginners

I frequently get calls from customers who are considering switching to wet shaving or who want to buy a first safety razor for their son, nephew or grandson. In order to keep things simple and easy to digest, I generally limit my suggestions to three razors. Pictured from Left to Right.

1. The Rockwell Chrome Series. The Rockwell Chrome series actually refers to two razor models, the Rockwell 2C and the Rockwell 6C

The beauty of these razors is that they give the new user room to grow and, they are very affordable ($30 for the 2C and $50 for the 6C). With the multiple base plates, it is like having several razors in one. The new wet shaver can start with a very mild base plate and then increase the aggression as their technique improves. This cuts down on razor burn and nicks when starting out without the risk of the razor being too mild once the technique is improved.

The 6C offers the user more versatility while the 2C is great for those on a budget.

2. The Merkur 34C. For years, this was the razor that was most recommended on the shaving forums and by the shaving gurus. The razor is not as mild as the Rockwell with the mildest base plate so, the learning curve is a bit steeper. That said, it is a workhorse, it is built like a tank, and it would still make a great 1st razor. At $49.50, it is a sound investment.

3. The Merkur Progress. I absolutely love the way the Progress and the Mergress razors shave and the only reason that I have them listed at number 3 is because they are a bit more expensive.  The Progress runs about $70.00 and the Mergress starts at around $130.00.

The Progress has a continuous adjustment. When on the lowest setting, it is extremely mild. You can also crank it up to an extremely aggressive level if you want and, you have an extremely high chance of finding shaving bliss somewhere in between the two extremes.

New wet shavers should start on the mildest setting and should stay on the lower settings (anything below 2.5) until they refine their technique.

Depending on your needs and your budget, you really cannot go wrong with any of these choices. Happy Shaving.

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