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Asylum Rx Razor Handles Are Back in Stock

Phil Huntsinger

We just received a new shipment of polished Asylum Rx razor handles. These handles have standard threading and will fit all razor heads with standard threading. Weighing in at 58g and measuring 82mm, this handle offers a secure grip and a nice weight to improve your shaving experience.

The Asylum Rx razor handle is machined out of 303 stainless steel in Illinois and then polished to a mirror finish in Los Angeles. The knurling and contours make the handle very comfortable to hold and very secure -even for soapy hands.

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  • Rick on

    Hello, my son is shaving now. He wants a double edge razor, we have bought him a shaving brush ans soap and dish set with a more modern razor . He would to try a double edge razor. I don’t want to buy him a very expensive razor then him not like it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you sir.

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