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Arran Aromatics -A Hidden Gem From Scotland

Phil Huntsinger

I had never heard of Arran Aromatics until a friend alerted me to the brand and advised me to check it out. I have no idea how this brand has flown under the radar; it is superb. 

Arran Shave Soaps are made in Scotland on the grounds of an old dairy farm for the historic Brodick Castle. The triple milled shave soaps are excellent with tons of cushion and glide and a refreshing scent. The bowls are simply stunning. Made from a stone resin, they look and feel like a stone you might find on the beach. Weighing in at 1.5 LBS (including the soap), you will not want to drop this bowl on your toe.

The shave soap is available in two scents. Lochranza is a herbaceous blend combining the soft notes of Cedar and Vetiver, invigorated by the warm-spice of Patchouli, Bay and Anise. Machrie is a crisp, clean mineral fresh fragrance, with notes of Lavandin and Origanum, blended with Ambergris heart, Mandarin, Myrrh, Clary sage and Patchouli. Both scents are excellent.

Right now, we only carry the shave soaps in the stone bowls but we plan to expand the offerings to include shave soap refills, aftershaves and perhaps colognes. 



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