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Razor Storage Solution

Phil Huntsinger Pipe Stand razor stand Razor Storage

Many people acquire multiple razors and use the razors in some sort of a rotation. If you leave the razors loaded with a blade, this can present safety issues. It is never a good idea to reach into a drawer full of loaded razors. If you do not have young children, you may want to consider using an old pipe stand to hold your razors. You can find a huge variety of these stands on Ebay and you can find them to hold anywhere from two or three razors to 15 razors. The stand that I use holds 10 razors and I store my excess razors in a drawer.

Here is a picture of the stand that I use. I picked it up off Ebay about 5 years ago and it clearly could use refinishing at this point. Still though -it serves its purpose nicely. I do not use the humidor portion in the center but I suppose you could use it to store blades there.

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