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2nd Generation Asylum Rx -Coming Soon

Phil Huntsinger

We are happy to announce that production of the 2nd Generation Asylum Rx is underway and we expect to receive the razors in early 2022. 

Like the original Asylum Rx that we released in 2016, the second generation razor is a single edge safety razor that uses artist club blades. While this version of the razor is still very efficient, it is more refined and a bit tamer than the original (in a good way). When paired with a Schick Proline blade or a Kai Titan mild blade, it can easily be a daily driver. That said, it also has absolutely no issues when mowing down several days worth of growth. Two passes and minor touch-up will leave you with a baby soft face.

The 2nd generation razor will be made from 316L stainless steel and will weigh in at 107g with excellent balance. While the original Asylum Rx received excellent reviews, we feel that this version is a major improvement. Be sure to sign up for our store newsletter if you wish to receive notification when the razors are available for purchase.

Approximate Dimensions:

Overall Weight: 107g

Handle Weight: 56g

Head Weight: 52g

Handle Length: 82mm

Pictured below are a few shots of the final prototype. 


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