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Three Styles of Mergress Razors to Choose From

Phil Huntsinger

BullGoose Shaving received a new batch of Mergress razors this afternoon.  In addition to the Standard Mergress and the Mergress XL, we are happy to also be offering a Long Handled Mergress. All three models have silky smooth adjustment and will deliver an outstanding shave. 

From left to right: Long-Handled Mergress, Standard Mergress, Mergress XL



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  • Bullgoose on

    theschweik -Click on Mergress Razors under the razors drop down menu. If a razor is out of stock, there will be a sign up for an email when it is back in stock. Hopefully that makes sense.

  • theschweik on

    Unsure where to sign up for notice of when a new batch will be in stock. Ready to purchase an XL version of the Mergress. I thought the Progress was the best razor in the world until I saw these. Can’t wait!

  • Phil on

    The long-handled Mergress and the Mergress have approximately the same overall length. On the Mergress XL, the handle is shorter but the adjustment knob is a bit larger. On the long-handled Mergress, the handle is a bit longer but the adjustment knob is smaller. The end result is that the Long-Handled Mergress is about 7g lighter than the Mergress XL and the weight distribution is different.

    I find that the balance is more even with the long-handled Mergress while the Mergress XL is more end heavy. It just creates a slightly different experience.

  • Merle Miller on

    Hi Phil,

    What is the essential difference between the Mergress XL and the Long Handle Mergress ? Thanks for reply !

    Merle Miller

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