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Heinrich L. Thater Shaving Brushes In The House

Phil Huntsinger Heinrich L. Thater Shaving Brushes Two Band Badger Shaving Brushes

BullGoose Shaving is excited to once again be offering Heinrich L. Thater Shaving brushes. The Heinrich Thater company has been making shaving brushes by hand in Germany since 1913 and they are decidedly top shelf as well as an outstanding value.

H .L. Thater Shaving brushes are known for having velvety soft tips. The three band brushes have moderate backbone while the two band brushes have more of a scrubby feel but, without a hint of scritch. Both varieties of hair have excellent flow through and will whip up a lather faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket.

Thater brushes are larger than your average shaving brush and range from a 24mm knot diameter for the size 1 to 30mm knot diameter for the size 4. If you have an opening for a larger brush in your brush rotation, a H.L. Thater would be the perfect choice.

Don't take my word for it though...all you have to do is peruse the brush reviews on the shaving forums.  Photo courtesy of Ravi Dukkipati.

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