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The Mergress Razor -Coming Soon to BullGoose

Phil Huntsinger Mergress

The Mergress razor has been an iconic razor since 2006 and it will soon be available for purchase at BullGoose Shaving Supplies. Eric (Mer) Maier, takes a Merkur Progress razor and improves upon it by adding a machined metal adjustment knob, and colored adjustment dots while also calibrating the adjustment and smoothing out the action. It is a very smooth shaver that looks great while displayed in your shave cave.

The Mergress is an adjustable razor that can be dialed in anywhere from mild to wild depending on your shaving preference and beard type. It will be offered in three styles, the Standard Mergress, Mergress XL (with a longer and heavier adjustment knob) and the Long-Handled Mergress.

If you wish to be notified when the first batch of Mergress razors arrive, make sure to sign up for the BullGoose Newsletter. If you snooze on these, you may lose and have to wait for the next batch.


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