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Czech & Speake Anodized Aluminum Dishes Are Back!

Phil Huntsinger Czech & Speake

Czech & Speake is a UK company that got its start with high end bathroom fixtures. To this day, the bathroom fixtures (faucets, fittings, furniture etc) are the bread and butter of the business. The aromatics wing is actually just a small segment of the company.

So, it is fitting that they produce a soap dish that would complement any tony bathroom. The legendary black anodized aluminum dish with their signature No. 88 shaving soap is only produced once or twice a year and is frequently out of stock. The soap dish is built like a tank and it resonates class. The No. 88 shave soap that comes with it is a top tier shaving soap and among the best that you can buy at any price.

Every once is awhile you need to splurge on yourself. This soap dish will last a lifetime and is worthy of being passed onto the next generation. It is superb!

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