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Limited Edition Brutalt Bra Shaving Soap-Coming Soon

Phil Huntsinger Brutalt Bra LE Soap Shave Nook

BullGoose Shaving became a stockist for Brutalt Bra in late 2014. The shaving soap sold like hotcakes and has received stellar reviews on the shaving forums. We have been so impressed with Brutalt Bra that we decided to commission a Limited Edition version of the shaving soap for the Shave Nook shaving forum.

Brutalt Bra is produced in Norway and is the brain child of Hallgeir Bergum. Hallgeir keeps things simple by only using 4 high quality ingredients; Potassium Stearate, Potassium Cocoate, Distilled Water and Essential Oils. The soap produces a rich creamy lather with excellent glide and superior skin conditioning properties. You can read some of the reviews of Brutalt Bra original scent here

In order to celebrate the heritage of Brutalt Bra, we have decided to go with Norwegian Wood (Spruce) as the scent. The soap will be presented in high quality 150ml tins.

We just received word today that the LE Norwegian Wood shaving soap will ship on April 8th and we expect to receive shipment around May 1st assuming things go smoothly with customs.

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