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The Rx Razor -Coming to BullGoose Soon

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Bullgoose shaving commissioned a product engineer in July of 2013 to design a single edge razor that takes the Feather Professional and Kai Titan Mild blades. We were looking to create a razor that has a slim head profile and that locks down the blade tightly to eliminate blade chatter and to provide a smooth consistent shave.

I presented the drawings to a number of machine shops but the design was such that it was very difficult to machine and it required a very specific kind of machine shop. Rather than compromise the design, I kept looking. In January, I hit pay dirt and found a machine shop that had the specialized equipment needed to produce the razor and perhaps more importantly, I found a machine shop that was intrigued by the project.

The Razor is being dubbed the Rx razor because it will give the wet shaving community a shot in the arm and, it will be a prescription for a superior shave.

The Rx razor will be fully machined from 303 Stainless Steel and we hope to receive shipment sometime in the summer of 2016.

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  • Phil Huntsinger on

    Thanks guys. There isn’t a waiting list. When I receive shipment, I will put them up on my site and will send out an email to my mailing list.

  • John Capuano on

    Hey Phil,

    I love the new site and the Rx Razor is exciting. Of course, I want one !

  • David Snyder on

    Is there a waiting list I can get on for the RX razor?

  • Mark Booth on

    I look forward to this new SE razor addition with great anticipation. As a King Cobra and Mongoose user, both fall short in a few areas but are excellent shavers overall with superior SE blades. While both razors are commendable, there is certainly room for a well thought out head design. The SE razor blade simply has a much more solid -smooth but sharp feel on the skin with lower irritation, offering vibration free inertia, and replicates closely the qualities of a well-honed straight razor blade. This SE razor has much promise and anticipation - sign me up!!!

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