Shield Titanium Razors -Affordable Luxury

Shield Titanium Razors -Affordable Luxury

17th Nov 2022

Shield Razors has taken the wet shaving world by storm with their highly affordable CNC machined titanium razors. While Titanium razors usually command upwards of $300.00, these are offered at a fraction of that price -$160.00 for their matte finished titanium razors and $180.00 for their polished titanium razors. They even include a stand! 

Titanium is an excellent material for razors for several reasons including lighter weight, non-reactivity, durability and imperviousness to corrosion. There is a reason that titanium is the preferred material for orthopedic procedures.

Currently, we offer Shield razors in both an artist club format and a Gem blade format. Both models are excellent shavers that I would categorize as mid aggressive. While they are efficient shavers, they do not bite and they provide an extremely smooth and comfortable shave. There is a bit of blade feel but just enough to give you the feedback that you need without causing any irritation. 

While I am sometimes described as an Enabler, you will not regret adding one (or both) of these razors to your quiver. It will become a regular member of your rotation and very well may become your favorite razor of all time.